D & D Glass Co., Inc. was established in 2006 but became incorporated in 2009 when given the opportunity to purchase Carolina Glass & Supply Co., Inc. and moved into their location at 2445 Hwy. 210 West in Hampstead, NC . We are a family owned business.

The owners of D & D Glass Co., Inc. have been working in the glass industry since 2003. We also have a wide range of construction experience to assist with the glass industry.


We offer a variety of services which include but not limited to framed & frameless showers, mirrors, door and bath hardware, shelving, insulated glass, patio door panels, tabletops, picture frame glass, plexiglass or lexan, installation and repair services. We custom cut our glass by hand. We also offer free estimates. Call your order in over the phone or send us an email.

Insulated Glass: If your windows are fogged/seal failure or become broken, most of the time you don’t have to buy a new window, you can replace the glass. We make the insulated glass in our warehouse daily. You can bring the window sash to us before 10:00 am and we will have it completed the same day. If bringing in multiple window sashes, give us a call a day or two in advance so we can check our schedule for availability. If you require the glass to be tempered, we can order the unit thru one of our vendors. Delivery is usually 7 to 10 days. We offer a 5 year warranty against seal failure.

Showers: We custom make our showers. We will come out to your house to take measurements and then give you a quote. We do new construction or remodeling/renovation of your shower.

Window and door repair services: If you are having problems with your windows not opening or closing properly, give us a call to come out and take a look. Sometimes minor adjusts and maintenance is all that is needed. We offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance services on all your windows and doors. We will come out for a fee to inspect all windows and doors and make repairs if necessary.

Tabletops or Mirrors: We custom cut our tabletops and mirrors. If you need a circle, octagon, triangle or any other shape, just bring us your pattern and we will cut it for you.

Door and Bath Hardware: We offer door hardware using Pamex, Dexter and Schlage. Our bath hardware is provided from Moen and Pamex. We have display boards in our office showing the different styles of door and bath hardware.

Shelving: If you need shelving for closets or pantries, Give us a call. All of our shelving is measured and cut to size. Our shelves come in a variety of colors. We offer solid, vented, and wired shelving.